Sierra Nights by “West Coast”, Featuring Kevin Frazier


Sierra Nights by “West Coast”, Featuring Kevin Frazier

  • Release date: 2011-03-01
  • Label: Cylinder Records, L.L.C.
  • Catalog #: B005A8BHHW

The Sierra Nights Album project by the band “West Coast” is packed full of great musicians.  Kevin was asked to play on a few tracks and as the project evolved he was asked to play on most of the tracks on the Album.  Tim Stretton, Ruben Diaz and Dave Natale wrote, produced, and recorded this project.  You will hear when you listen to the samples how incredible the talent is on this recording.  Kevin has posted links to purchase a digital download of the CD from his website, and we sure hope you will post a review on the site you purchase from, as it will help more people find out about us.  Thank you for supporting original music!

  1. E-Train

  2. Sierra Nights

  3. Centerville

  4. Four Across

  5. Face To Face

  6. Miles Away

  7. Southland Samba

  8. Parr Avenue

  9. Northern Lights

  10. Two For One