2016 – A Year of Remembrance

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2016 – A Year of Remembrance

Wow… The year is only half over and so much has happened. My mom passed in February this year and I have been dealing with a roller coaster of emotions ever since. I am happy she is at peace and no longer in any pain, but knowing I can’t just drop over and visit and spend time with her is something I am still working through. I was fortunate to be by her side when she passed and we got to share some great memories in the previous weeks. All the family and her close friends were also able to spend time with her, so it makes me happy to know that she was able to get closure with everyone. She was ready to go, and I know she is in great company!

Speaking of great company… So many famous musicians have passed this year. Prince, David Bowie, Maurice White, Glenn Fry, Gato Barbieri, Mic Gillette, Keith Emerson, Dan Hicks, Paul Kantner, and George Martin the beatles producer. I hope my mom is hanging with them and enjoying their talents in the afterlife!

What is next for me in 2016? That is a good question. I have been getting more involved with the Empress Theatre. Helping book some shows, and working with a production team that is getting ready to film a series of T.V. commercials to help promote the Empress Theatre as an entertainment destination. It truly is an amazing place to see “live” music and entertainment. Here is a video clip taken by Bob Hakin’s at the Empress Theatre. I used to play this song with Big Muddy and Davey Pattison on vocals. This clip is with Garth Webber on vocals/guitar and the North Bay All-Stars. Enjoy!

I will be posting more video’s and pictures from the past year and will be updating my calendar with all the events I will be playing this summer. Check my gig calendar to see where I am playing. Thank you for stopping by my website.