2020 New Beginnings

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2020 New Beginnings

Hey everyone. I realize my music website has been dormant for the past five years as I was busy booking and managing the Empress Theatre in Vallejo. It was a wonderful experience and a job I enjoyed thoroughly. As of February 2020 I am no longer working at the Empress and am excited about the path ahead. I plan to play a bit more this year and look at setting up an entertainment agency that promotes live music around the north bay area.

I hope to start playing more music with many of my musician colleagues around Vallejo, Napa, and Benicia. I will start posting dates of performances as they develop. I set-up a new email for my kevfrazier account as my previous email was getting a lot of spam. If you want to reach me please use kevin@ instead of kev@. I am not going to post the entire email address to avoid the spam from webots and such. Just use my first name and the website address and you will reach me.

I look forward to reconnecting with my music fans and musician friends who have supported me throughout the years. I am excited to pick up my saxophone more often and start growing again as an artist, musician, and performer.

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